CM2DB is the result of many years of growth.

High Tech Services – Founded in 1987, the original company was involved in software development, data development as well as hardware systems integration. The market for services included consulting engineers and land surveyors, local and state government agencies, the oil/gas/electric and energy industries, as well as shipping and railway companies. The rights to the software which was developed during these years were sold to a number of entities.

Consulting Engineers – In 2000, the company returned to the roots of the founder as a consulting engineering company. Today, Chalk Mountain LLC is a registered engineering company (PELS Firm No 19516) which provides professional engineering services throughout the State of Texas.

Construction Management – In 2004, an opportunity appeared to plan, engineer and construct a master planned community. Services included land planning, consulting engineering and land development management as well as management of all construction activities including streets, infrastructure and construction of homes. In 2019, the company which was created to address the needs of this project was renamed to Chalk Mountain Builders LLC. Today, Chalk Mountain Builders is a provider of general contracting services for infrastructure related to land development, as well as vertical construction for residential and commercial structures.

Today, CM2DB represents the combined capabilities of Chalk Mountain LLC as well as Chalk Mountain Builders LLC.


We serve a wide variety of clients including home builders, home owners, attorneys, land developers, other engineering companies as well as communities who require our services.


We take pride in providing the same high level of care to all clients for every project, regardless of the scope or fee. We believe in the novel notion of being expert in our field and understand that professional conduct, integrity and responsiveness to phone calls, emails and the needs of our clients are just as important as the expertise we provide. We understand that our value is in providing innovative, timely and cost-effective solutions to meet our client’s needs. Our delivery will be prompt, complete and honest as we strive to exceed expectations.


Kenneth R. Dees, P.E., CFM, Founder and President

Mr. Dees is a professional engineer who has served in a wide variety of roles from design engineer, software developer, land developer, home builder, general manager of a telecommunication company, expert witness and especially, as the founder the Chalk Mountain companies who’s roots span to the very first company established in 1987.

He served in the U.S. Army prior to graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Southern Methodist University in 1984. A hands-on engineer, he is the driving force behind the Chalk Mountain Engineering as well as Chalk Mountain Builders.

Mr. Dees also has experience in forensic engineering having assisted attorneys as a technical consultant and expert witness for legal cases pertaining to engineering-based issues which presented a hazard to the health and well-being of the general public.